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SIF Guest Balance Calendar

The SIF has a natural abundance balance available for a limited number of guest users. An appointment is required. Safety training is required prior to guest access to the balance. Please remember to wear appropriate PPE, including closed-toed & closed-heeled shoes and full length pants. The SIF staff have the right to request that you leave the lab if you are not wearing appropriate lab attire.

This calendar reflects the approximate availability of the balance; "busy" means the balance is not available. The SIF has the right to cancel appointments in the event the SIF needs to use this equipment. This balance is for natural abundance samples only. Please contact us to discuss you samples if there is any enrichment/tracer.


Contact us by e-mail or call us at 530-752-8100 to book an appointment for the balance.

e-mail: | phone: 530-752-8100 | fax: 530-752-4361
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