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Please include an Analysis Order Form and Sample List with your sample shipment, and email a copy to the SIF. Samples will not be analyzed until all paperwork is received. Complete a separate Analysis Order Form and Sample List for each type of analysis (e.g., C&N solid vs. O/H solid vs. gas samples) because your paperwork will go to different technicians.

Analysis Order Form

The SIF uses the Analysis Order Form to track your samples and to contact you regarding receipt of samples, data, and invoicing.


Analysis Order Form - Fillable.docx (revised 03/04/16. This document is fillable if opened in Microsoft Word)
Analysis Order Form - Fillable.pdf (revised 03/04/16. This document is fillable if opened in a pdf reader, like Adobe Acrobat)


Sample List

Please use our Sample Lists to organize your samples. These forms prompt for important sample information, and your data will be reported using the Sample IDs you provide. All Sample IDs must be unique to avoid confusion with data reporting. When saving your file, do not modify the formatting of the Sample List. Deleting any columns or rows (including example rows) affects our ability to use your file.


SampleList-Water.xls (107KB) For all water samples - DOC, DH & O in water, 15N & 18O in NO3


SampleList-Gas.xls (94KB) For all gas samples - including dissolved gasses, DIC, CO2, CH4, N2 & N2O


SampleList-CSIA.xls (100KB) For all CSIA samples - FAME, n-Alkane, GC-IRMS of Amino Acids, etc. Important Information for CSIA

SampleList-Carbonate.xls (56KB) For biogenic carbonate or apatite samples to be prepared by the SIF for GasBench-IRMS

SampleList-Solid.xls (56KB) (revised 8/1/2013) For solid samples - C&N, S, DH & O



International Shipments of Wildlife

The SIF is required to declare the import of all non-US wildlife samples (e.g., animal, fish, and invertebrates) to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS). The SIF requests that all of our international clients contact us prior to shipment of wildlife samples. Please use our new SampleList-Addendum form to facilitate the discussion of your genus and species.


Hardcopy permits are required for any CITES, ESA, MBTA, and MMPA materials and must be arranged in advance of shipment. Restricted materials shipped without permit may be seized by US Customs and disposed of, with fines imposed.



Reminders for SOLID SAMPLE LIST:

  • Organize samples into a clean 96-well tray. Load samples across rows and fully populate each row. Submit one Excel file for all trays of one analysis type (i.e. All C&N trays will be recorded in one excel file, and all C only trays will be recorded in a separate file.)
  • Group samples of similar material together (for example, place all animal tissue samples in sequential cells).
  • Record tray information, including sample weights and empty wells. Each sample’s ID must be unique. Do not repeat sample ID names, including the name “empty” for empty wells. Instead, sequentially number your empty wells (i.e., empty1, empty2, empty3…). Results will be reported using the sample ID#, unique tray name and well position (e.g., ID-Tray-A1).
  • Tray Names should be unique, especially for projects with multiple sample shipments over time. Avoid using the tray name "Tray 1". Everyone has a Tray 1, and you may have multiple Tray 1s over the course of a year which may cause confusion with data sets. Be creative, we enjoy unique names!
  • No special characters (i.e. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) . / \ +), they do not translate in our database. Only hypens ( - ) are acceptable. Maximum 20 characters per cell.
  • Save paper by setting the print area to columns A-J and to the last row of your tray. Set scaling to "Fit all columns on One Page". Set print margins to "Narrow". You are welcome to "Print on both sides - Flip on Long Edge" of the sheet.

    If you cannot open the Excel spreadsheets above, a pdf version is available: Weight Sheet.pdf (28KB). Please include a hardcopy with your sample shipment.


    2016 Price List: SIFPrices 2016 Off-Campus Rates.pdf (53KB)

    Ship Your Samples to:

    UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility

    Dept. Plant Sciences

    387 N Quad, Room 1210 PES

    Davis, CA, 95616



    Effective August 1, 2011, due to campus wide budget reductions, the UC Davis Mail Division will provide mail service to the SIF on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. This reduction affects interoffice and US Mail (standard post). This reduction does not affect private carrier delivery, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL.


    The SIF highly recommends that shipments requiring special handling, including gas and refrigerated samples, should be shipped using a major carrier such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Customers are responsible for all customs fees.



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