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Sample Submission

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Sample Preparation for Powdered Carbonates by GasBench-IRMS


Submitting Carbonate Samples for 13C and/or 18O analysis

Carbonate and apatite samples must be dried to constant weight to remove water, and then powdered to a fine flour-like homogeneous consistency before shipment to the SIF.  The SIF does not have the capability to powder samples. 

Please send a minimum of 3 mg of dried, powdered carbonate per sample, or 10 mg of powdered apatite per sample.
Store and ship powdered samples in wide-mouth 1 dram glass vials with tight-fitting caps. Plastic tubes or large vials make sample recovery difficult.
Label each vial with a unique Sample ID# as your data will be reported using this ID. 

Please contact us in advance if you plan to prepare apatite/carbonate samples (with 103% H3PO4) in 12-ml Exetainer vials yourself.



Manufacturer / Part#



Labco UK + International

or Labco USA + Canada

9RK8W, 9RK9W

12ml Borosilicate Exetainer Vials - Round Bottomed, Non - Evacuated, New Thread, White Cap

No label (9RK8W), Labelled (9RK9W)

Case of 1000

EA Consumables / Q9999


12ml Borosilicate Exetainer Vials - Round Bottomed, Non - Evacuated, No Label, White Cap + Spare Caps, 500 vials & 1000 spare white caps  

Pack of 500

EA Consumables / Q9999-100


12ml Borosilicate Exetainer Vials - Round Bottomed, Non - Evacuated, No Label, White Cap  

Pack of 100

Qorpak / GLC-00980

Clear Screw Thread Sample Vials

wide-mouth, 1 dram, 15 x 45 mm

Pack of 144




Carefully package your vials in Ziploc bags, small boxes, or their original boxes with dividers to prevent glass-on-glass impact. Then package these sets in a larger sturdy box with Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. Make sure the samples are well cushioned on all sides; loose vials can break during shipping. Coolers will not be returned.

Please complete and submit the online Analysis Order Form and Sample List for your samples.  Indicate on the Sample List the type of carbonate material you are submitting (e.g., apatite, calcium carbonate, lithium carbonate, etc.). Also, be sure to include a printed copy with your samples. The SIF uses this form to track your samples and to contact you regarding receipt of samples, data, and invoicing. For mixed analysis requests, we require completing a separate form for each type of analysis.

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