Sample Preparation


Sample Submission

UC Davis Plant Sciences

13C and 2H in Methane (CH4) Analysis Pricing


Turnaround Time (weeks)

Price per Sample

as of September 5, 2017 (US$)

13C in CH4

4 - 6


2H in CH4

4 - 6


Headspace Generation

in client submitted 12 mL Exetainer



Subsample / Dilution / Transfer
to Autosampler Vial
for dissolved gas preparation



Highly enriched samples

(>20 atom%) - surcharge


Turnaround time estimates are valid for projects of 100 samples or fewer.  Contact us for estimates regarding larger projects.


We ask that you send your samples in appropriate vials (i.e. 12 mL Exetainers). The submission of samples in alternative containers must be discussed and approved ahead of sample collection/shipment, otherwise your order may be declined and returned plus shipping cost.


We do not accept gas samples collected in BD Vacutainers with press-fit caps.


Separate gas sample vials are required for each isotope (2H, 13C).

If sending water samples for analysis of dissolved CH4, a minimum of 12 mL of water sample is required for each isotope.


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