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Compound Specific 13C & 15N analysis of Amino Acids by GC-C-IRMS Tips

Sample requirements
In general, we request samples weights of 6-9 mg for protein-rich animal tissues and 25-35 mg for plant materials (including algae). Smaller samples sizes may be suitable, if necessary, but please contact us.  Sample materials must be clean, dried, and homogenized prior to sample submission to the SIF. 


All projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be scheduled with the SIF prior to sample submission. Samples arriving at the SIF without prior approval will be returned at the shipper's expense.


Samples should be shipped dry in 0.5-1 dram glass vials (see Supplies). If samples are known to be particularly lipid-rich, lipid extraction is recommended prior to submission. 

First, complete and submit the online Analysis Order Form and Sample List for your samples. Shipment may proceed once you receive email confirmation from SIF staff.  Be sure to also include a printed copy with your samples. The SIF uses both electronic and hardcopies to track your samples and to contact you regarding receipt of samples, data, and invoicing. For mixed analysis requests, we require the completion of a separate Analysis Order Form and sample list for each type of analysis.


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2mL Wheaton Clear Glass Threaded Vials with PTFE Lined Cap



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