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Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Analysis

We routinely support CSIA of 13C in fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs).  FAMEs dissolved in hexane are injected in splitless mode and separated on an SGE BP5 or BPX70 column (30m X 0.25mm ID, 0.25 micron film thickness). Once separated, FAMEs are quantitatively converted to CO2 in a CuO/NiO oxidation reactor at 980°C. Following water removal through a nafion dryer, CO2 enters the IRMS. δ13C values are first corrected to an appropriate internal reference material (e.g. c12:0, c13:0, c19:0) chosen based on sample composition and provisional values then corrected using laboratory reference materials composed of several FAMEs calibrated against NIST standard reference materials. Additional RMs are included within each batch to provide quality assurance and are included within data reports. Long-term estimate of measurement error is generally better than ±0.5‰.

Important Information Regarding Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis

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