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News - August 14, 2017


The excitement never stops at the SIF! Our weekend staff came in on Sunday morning to find standing water on the floor and water dripping from the ceiling tiles. UC Davis Facilities Management was able to find the source of the leak from a 3rd floor sink where the DI water line had burst. Thanks to Irene Yen's quick action the lab sustained minimal damage, only losing one computer monitor and a keyboard, as well as minimizing the damage that could have happened to surrounding offices and labs had the leak gone unchecked for another 24 hours. We expect minor disruption to the C, N, & S analyses, but will require a few days of downtime to allow UC Davis Facilities Management to repair any water damage. As a worst case scenario, we came out very lucky.

BUBBA (Elementar vario ISOTOPE cube interfaced to a SerCon 20-22 IRMS (Sercon Ltd., Cheshire, UK)) gets a rain coat. Lots of water on the floor.
Standing water in the lab

Buckets of water collected from the actively dripping ceiling. Soggy ceiling tiles have fallen onto the ground, barely missing an EA-IRMS. Thankfully a majority of the water is dripping down at the alleyway between our 4 EA-IRMSs.
Collecting water in buckets


Video of the water actively dripping down. Yes, our lab does sound like a jet engine all of the time.

Photos and video courtesy of Irene Yen.

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