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SIF Newsletter - August 8, 2017



Greetings from Sunny California!


New Analyses at the SIF
The UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility would like to announce the expansion of our compound-specific stable isotope analytical services during autumn of 2017. These services will initially include the 13C analysis of MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes). Shortly thereafter, services will expand to include 37Cl and 2H analysis of most chlorinated solvents. Preliminary testing, calibration, and validation have been performed using pure analytes, and we are now welcoming inquiries from collaborators to examine suitability to various matrices. A select number of initial projects may be analyzed at reduced rates or pro bono. Please contact us if these services are of interest.



Pricing Updates for the New School Year
After careful review, the SIF has adjusted some analytical service prices. Samples received by September 1, 2017, will be charged the old rates. All projects quoted with a written Estimate will be honored for their valid timeframe. All samples received starting September 5 will be billed at the new rates.


The SIF, UCD administrative offices, and campus mail services are closed September 4 for Labor Day Holiday. FedEx and UPS will redeliver shipments when the mailroom re-opens on September 5.



Updates to the Nitrate (NO3) Analysis by Bacteria Denitrification
To reduce the need for repeat analyses, the bacterial denitrification assay now has an upper concentration limit of 1500 micromolar nitrate (approximately 93 mg/L nitrate or 21 mg/L nitrate-as-nitrogen).


If you are looking to submit nitrate in water samples, now is the time to book an appointment! We have a few openings in August and September. Take advantage of this opportunity for a faster turnaround.



Biogenic Carbonates Webpage is Now Available
The SIF now accepts biogenic carbonates

If you are interested in 13C and/or 18O analysis of biogenic carbonates, please contact Richard Doucett to discuss sample requirements.

We do not accept geologic carbonates.



Reminder – SIF Requirements for International Shipments of Wildlife and Other Materials Requiring Permit
The SIF has updated the procedure for import of all non-US wildlife samples (e.g., animal, fish, and invertebrates), requiring declaration to The US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS). The SIF requests that all of our international clients contact us prior to shipment of wildlife samples. Please use our new SampleList-Addendum form to facilitate the discussion of your genus and species.


Hardcopy permits are required for any CITES, ESA, MBTA, and MMPA materials and must be arranged in advance of shipment. Restricted materials shipped without permit may be seized by US Customs and disposed of, with fines imposed.



The SIF celebrates 20 years of service this December 2017
Plans are underway for the celebration – watch for details. 

Tours are always available to researchers visiting Davis, California.  Please email sif@ucdavis.edu if interested.



Campus Holidays
Upcoming holidays will affect mail delivery to the SIF. Please plan to ship samples to arrive a few days before or after the holidays:
September 4 – Labor Day Holiday
November 10 – Veteran’s Day Holiday
November 23-24 – Thanksgiving Holiday
December 22 – January 1 – Winter Break

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