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SIF Newsletter - December 8, 2016



New SIF Requirements for International Shipments of Wildlife and Other Materials Requiring Permit

The SIF has updated the procedure for import of all non-US wildlife samples (e.g., animal, fish, and invertebrates), requiring declaration to The US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS). The SIF requests that all of our international clients contact us prior to shipment of wildlife samples. Please use our new SampleList-Addendum form to facilitate the discussion of your genus and species.


Hardcopy permits are required for any CITES, ESA, MBTA, and MMPA materials and must be arranged in advance of shipment. Restricted materials shipped without permit may be seized by US Customs and disposed of, with fines imposed.



Winter Break Schedule

The UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences mailroom will close December 22, 2016 for the winter break. All mail arriving during the campus closure will be held by the couriers and re-delivered on January 3rd, 2017. Please do not ship perishable items during the break. Avoid delays by shipping samples 1 week early.


Limited check and wire payable invoices will be generated during the holidays. If you require an invoice before the year end, please contact SIF Accounting to request your invoice now!


No data will be delivered during the holiday break. Please contact us ASAP if you require your data before December 21. Normal data delivery should resume after the first week of January.



Book your Nitrate Prep Appointments

Now is an opportune time to submit samples for nitrate in water analysis. Next available appointments are in February. Contact Kate to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


When preparing nitrate in water samples for submission, be sure to thoroughly flush all filters with deionized water or sample water prior to use. Flushing reduces the possibility of contamination via nitrate and/or nitrite residue on the filter. As an added reminder, we recommend using 0.1 to 0.2 micron pore filters to effectively sterilize samples by removing biological activity.



International Water Isotope Inter-Comparison Test (WICO 2016)

In June of 2016, UC Davis SIF participated in the International Water Isotope Inter-Comparison Test (WICO 2016) facilitated by the Isotope Hydrology Laboratory at IAEA. Five core and three optional waters were tested by individual laboratories for D/H and 18O/16O data. The results were compiled for accuracy within the participating laboratories. The SIF results were consistently within reported specifications for the provided waters, including a depleted water, an enriched water and a saline water. The organic contaminated water was correctly identified. SIF participates in such studies to improve the analysis being done by the scientific community, as well as to evaluate where our own analyses can be strengthened.



Biogenic Carbonates Analysis is Now Available

The biogenic carbonates pages are coming soon. If you are interested in 13C and/or 18O analysis of biogenic carbonates, please contact Richard Doucett to discuss sample requirements. We do not accept geologic carbonates.



Waste Restrictions

Due to hazardous waste disposal, we strongly advise against shipping blue desiccant that contains cobalt chloride (CoCl2). Please use a desiccant that is safe for standard garbage disposal.


As a reminder, we do not accept samples preserved with mercuric chloride (HgCl2) or sodium azide (NaN3). Preserved samples that are shipped without prior discussion may be returned plus fees.



Thank you for your continued business. The SIF wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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