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Oxygen (18O) and Hydrogen (D/H) Analysis of Water

The SIF provides simultaneous analysis of 18Oand D/H isotope ratios in liquid water samples using a Laser Water Isotope Analyzer V2 (Los Gatos Research, Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA). For 18O and D/H at natural abundance, each sample is injected at least six times. The average of the last four injections is used for isotope ratio calculations. For enriched and saline samples, the number of injections is increased to ten.  Sample isotope ratios are standardized using a range of reference waters which have been calibrated against IAEA reference waters (VSMOW, GISP, and SLAP).  Precision for water samples at natural abundance is typically ≤0.3 per mil for 18O and ≤2.0 per mil for D/H.  Final 18O/16O and D/H values are reported relative to VSMOW.

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