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Billing Questions:
Contact: Gabriela Robledo
E-mail: sifaccounting@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 1-530-754-7517


Analysis Order Forms (AOF) are required by the SIF, not only to identify your shipment of samples, but to provide important billing information to set-up an account with our lab. Your data will be reported to the Researcher and PI addresses. A billing account will be set-up using the information you provide in the Billing Section. The Billing Contact should be the person or department paying the invoice, as the invoice will be emailed to their attention.


Purchase orders (PO) may be required by your university / institution in order to 1) establish the terms of the services you are requesting from the SIF and 2) to authorize and allocate funds to pay for services rendered by the SIF. Contact your accounting department to determine if a purchase order is necessary. Purchase orders can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed ATTN: to Stable Isotope Facility.


Estimates / Quotes can be requested to guarantee current analysis rates and to help clients establish POs and allocate funds. Estimates/quotes are not invoices. We do not issue Proforma Invoices for prepayment. The prices listed on each of our Analytical Services pages can be used for quick budgeting, but incidental fees may be incurred.


Invoices are generated 1-2 weeks after samples have been analyzed and the client has received their data. Invoices are e-mailed as pdf attachments from sifaccounting@ucdavis.edu. A hard copy of your invoice can be requested on your Analysis Order Form or by contacting sifaccounting@ucdavis.edu.

Clients can request to be invoiced ahead of their data, however, in the event of poor/lost data, refunds may take up to 6 months to process. Instead, we prefer to rerun the samples or apply the credit towards future sample analysis.

Invoices are payable upon receipt (net 30 days). You may receive a past due notice if payment is not received within 60 days of invoice delivery. Delinquent accounts over 241 days old shall have a HOLD placed on the account, suspending sample analysis and data until the balance is paid.


Payment by check: (i.e. personal check, cashier's check, money order) Please include your customer number and invoice number as found on your invoice. Payments missing this information may be returned minus a fee.

Make checks payable to: The Regents of the U.C.
Mail payment to: UC Davis Cashier's Office

                                P.O. Box 989062

                                West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062


Payment by bank wire transfer: Please e-mail to request our bank information or to inform the SIF of payment details. Multiple invoices can be combined into one wire transfer, but please remember to include the invoice number(s), otherwise payment may be returned minus a fee.


Payment by credit card: The SIF accepts payment by credit card. Your invoice will include instructions on how to pay via our secure credit card payment website. DO NOT SEND ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION via e-mail, phone, fax, letter, or Analysis Order Form to the SIF. We do not guarantee the safety of your information. (Repeat offenders will be buying the SIF staff some cute new shoes!)


University of California Clients: University of California clients should pay by FAU or recharge account to receive the discounted UC rate. UC clients (not including Davis campus) will receive their bill in the form of an Intercampus Order form (IOC). The IOC must be returned to sifaccounting@ucdavis.edu to complete the funds transfer.


Records Retention: The SIF keeps all submitted paperwork and invoices for 3 years minimum, 6 years maximum. Do not send your only copy of any paperwork to the SIF, always retain a copy for your records. E-files of data, sample lists, and invoices are backed-up and retained indefinitely. If you lose your weight sheets or your data files, we can help you! Request Lost Data/Paperwork.

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